Water Rights Support

In Washington, water rights are granted by the Department of Ecology via a specific application process. Any changes or transfers of water rights must also be processed and approved by Ecology. Water right processing has become much more complicated and less certain since the 1990s, and Ecology's policies concerning water rights change on a regular basis. Robinson Noble knows the latest policies and how those policies affect processing. This knowledge allows us to specialize in assisting clients negotiate water right processing regardless of the current regulatory environment.

One such change is the 2013 rollout of Ecology's Certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE) Program. Created by the legislature in 2010, this program is designed to facilitate the processing of water rights from permit status to certificate status. Robinson Noble staff have been certified by Ecology to provide this assistance. Please contact us if you need a water rights proof examination.

In addition to Certified Water Rights Examiners, Robinson Noble provides water rights consulting to Ecology (as part of their cost-reimbursement consultant pool) and many other clients. Our water rights services include: assisting with initial applications; moving applications to permit status; working with the cost-reimbursement process; providing strategies for transfers; negotiating, developing, and implementing mitigation plans; and providing technical support for appeals.

More detailed information about water rights is available from the Department of Ecology water resources program.

Case Study:

Lakewood Water District - Abitibi Water Right Transfer

Water Rights Support